Gary Dickerson

Gary Dickerson  Vice President of IT

Gary Dickerson

Vice President of IT

As Vice President of Information Technology, Gary joined Empereon in 2006 and today is responsible for overseeing all aspects of information technology and security for the enterprise. Gary’s primary responsibilities cover a wide range of strategic technology issues including resource allocation, risk management, implementing security and compliance protocols, data strategy, data analytics, and delivery of information technology services to the Company’s centers nationwide.

A Wide Range of Strategic Technology Provider

He is also directly responsible for the development of a variety of shared resources, shared technology, and shared services, allowing the company greater efficiencies and cost reductions throughout all departmental operations, including implementation of the ADP Suite of services, ServiceNow Enterprise, SharePoint Enterprise, and Cloud-based solutions.

Gary is experienced in leading strategic information technology initiatives in areas of networking, architectures, software, and information security. His contributions to the Company’s success and growth include setting up 5 new centers, 6 data centers, consolidating all centers to a single point dialing system, and technology platforms for seamless system management, performance, and service delivery.

With over 26 years of progressive hands-on information technology and leadership experience, Gary has been responsible for implementing network engineering, security, database engineering, infrastructure design, and rapid deployment solutions that enable revenue growth, reduce operating costs, and drive more dollars to the bottom line. Before joining the Company, Gary served in various IT leadership roles for Luscmbe Aircraft Corporation, Lemco Management Group, and Flight Safety Services.

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