Lisanne Hewel

Lisanne Hewel  Corporate Training Officer, Founding Partner

Lisanne Hewel

Corporate Training Officer, Founding Partner

As Corporate Training Officer and co-Founder of the Company, Lisanne brings executive experience in contact-to-contact services, with a focus on sales, training, and motivation. Lisanne is responsible for employee training and development, including managing client expectations and meeting performance standards. She is specifically charged with increasing employee motivation, in addition to developing the Company’s core training curriculum and systems.

Executive experience in Contact-to-Contact Services

A true entrepreneur at heart, Lisanne has a history of participating in ground floor startup operations, creating three other ventures, including start-up internet Company, Nations Net in 1995. In less than two years, with a 3,500 account base, the Company sold to Net Value (1997).

Lisanne graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. She is active in the community and her church, regularly volunteering for the Ronald McDonald House, Denver Rescue Mission and other local community charity events. Her high energy and competitive spirit is perfect for Triathlon, which she participates in her spare time. She is also an avid drag racing fan, having formed Motor Sports Safety Engineering, and is in the process of securing a patent for safety equipment to be used in NHRA, NASCAR, and Formula One.

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