Mission & Values

Mission & Values

Our mission is to “provide end to end customer interaction solutions” across the whole spectrum of consumer service and accounts receivable management for varied and multiple industries always delivering quality service to our partners.

Core Values


We believe the key thrust to maintaining or achieving competitive advantage is through a well-managed, collaborative, dynamic change process creating improvements in efficiency, productivity, quality, competitive positioning and ultimately bottom line value for our client partners.


Who We Are

Empereon success Constar Financial Services LLCFounded in 1997, Empereon Marketing, LLC is a leading provider of contact center solutions specializing in multi-media, multi-channel, and customer-centric interactions.

Corporate Leadership

high performance Executive Leadership team resultsOur high-performance Executive Leadership team delivers results every day, every month and year to date earning acclaim and award from our client partners and the industry. With clear vision and accountability, high quality services, and innovative processes.

Compliance Platform

designed to mitigate risk our comprehensive compliance platform encompassesDesigned to mitigate risk, our Comprehensive Compliance platform encompasses a broad range of leading compliance solutions implemented to meet the demands of regulatory oversight, consumer expectations, client requirements, and CFPB overview.

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