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Who We Are

A Culture of Innovation, Quality, and Integrity.

Founded in 1997, Empereon Marketing, LLC is a leading provider of contact center solutions
specializing in multi-media, multi-channel, and customer-centric interactions.

Who We Are

Based on Empereon’s success, Constar Financial Services, LLC was launched as a full-service customer management and accounts receivable company in late 2010.

Great synergy has been gained by combining the collection expertise with sales and / or customer service proficiency in Empereon Marketing. Today, the Empereon-Constar enterprise delivers comprehensive solutions spanning the entire life-cycle of a consumer account.


A leader in operational excellence and an expert in client relationship management, Empereon-Constar established a culture of innovation, quality, and integrity that creates real value for our clients and their customers.


Leading by example our CEO Travis Bowley has fostered a company culture defined by our core values which guide our day-to-day activities and create real value for our clients and their customers.


At Empereon-Constar, our culture is a key component of our success and a distinct competitive advantage that provides direct measurable benefit to our clients.

The Heart of Our Business

Customer relationships are at the heart of our business. Empereon-Constar zealously protects the client’s image and builds brand loyalty for the client’s customers from the beginning of the account relationship through all phases of the account lifecycle. This partnership approach, coupled with performance across the lifecycle of consumer accounts, has resulted in an average tenure of client partnership to exceed the industry norm of more than eight years.

Ethics and integrity are foundational for company and individual behavior and performance. The company is extremely nimble and can expertly develop and test new ideas or customer programs for clients.

Committed to Excellence

Beyond their expertise and years of experience, leadership is extremely competitive, passionate, with a strong work ethic. This, combined, with a culture of promotion from within based upon performance, results in a committed to excellence and effective team. In fact, the team is recognized by clients both quarterly and annually for operational excellence including leadership performance and quality client service delivery.

Committed to Deliver

Empereon-Constar is committed to upholding the core competencies that have generated its current growth. Values of integrity, leadership, partnership, and employee development and growth are fundamental and remain requirements for the future. As opportunities for new services and customers continue to expand rapidly, Empereon-Constar is committed to delivering increased value to its clients.

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