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Empereon Constar provides a cloud-based global, virtual “site” that provides industry-leading support to your operation and your customers, without sacrificing any of the quality, culture, transparency, responsiveness, and skill that our clients have come to know us for.

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Growth in 2020

We’ve built an extremely effective remote model and digital workplace. We’ve found the following six dimensions are critical to sustaining an adaptive digital workplace infrastructure.

Digital Culture

The digital workforce will require training, upskilling, and adjust to new norms while leadership needs to manage crisis communication and labor standards. Leadership must also learn how to foster connectivity among employees to maintain moral and avoid attrition.

Remote Work Environment

To remain productive team and partners need to have the proper hardware, internet connections, and data bandwidth that's required for their day jobs and be willing to learn new process changes.

Team Collaboration

Management must be able to reach and communicate with employees quickly. And employees will need the right tools necessary for effective collaboration. Leadership needs a baseline for what success looks like.

Security Standards

New methods to manage your security in remote environments will be critical. This includes networking, connectivity, clean office space requirements, and device strategy and compliance.

Business Resillence

The policies and procedures it takes to continue business is different for everyone - compliance, incentives, engagement, and communication. We understand the unique processes required to drive business continuity.

Heightened Support

Support teams must be able to handle the increase in inbound requests as new tools and processes are introduced. They'll need the experience, tools, and ability to troubleshoot remotely.

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