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Many states, cities and towns where we work have declared either a Shelter in Place or a Stay at Home order. 

As a company our number one goal is to keep our employee’s safe, both at home and at work. Part of feeling safe is knowing that during these troubling times, you still have an income. That is why we are working hard to keep our business open to serve our clients and customers.

We understand there is a great amount of concern and uncertainty with the situation of COVID-19 happening around the world.  We want to take a moment to let you know we appreciate everyone coming to work and supporting our clients and their customers as well as striving to keep a sense of normalcy while things are changing rapidly around us.   

As of today we have had no known cases among any team members at any of our centers.

If you are watching the news or reading feeds from the internet, you have probably seen the enhanced FMLA law, known as the Family First Coronavirus Response Act, that was recently signed by the President and effective on April 1, 2020. 

The Family First Act applies to Companies of less than 500 employees.  Because Empereon-Constar has over 1400 domestic employees, this law does not apply to us. This means you won’t be seeing new posters or new polices put in place to comply with this law.

Even though the new legislation is not applicable, the company is still taking action to take care of our employees and reduce the risk of the Coronavirus. 

The COVID-19 virus, aka Coronavirus, is on everyone's minds. We understand your concerns and realize there is a need for all of us to take extra precautions during this uncertain time.

Maintaining a safe workplace is one of our priorities, and we want to encourage all employees, clients, and anyone who visits our centers to take additional precautions and adopt safe practices to prevent illnesses from spreading.

As many of you have heard several states, cities, and municipalities have declared a national emergency.   Some governments have taken it a step further and requested that non-essential businesses close their doors for the next 2 weeks to 2 months.   Included in those states is Pennsylvania where we have our Coudersport office.


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