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Empereon-Constar Announces Colocation Data Center at ViaWest

Empereon-Constar Announces Colocation Data Center at ViaWest

By establishing a colocation data center, Empereon-Constar will provide customer partners with improved scalability, reliability, and security.

Phoenix, Arizona (September 20, 2017) - Empereon-Constar, a leading provider of end-to-end customer engagement and customer management solutions, announced today that it is converting to a colocation data center at ViaWest Cornell to keep pace with growing client demand. Empereon-Constar’s IT Operations department has also moved and are now located in a new building within a mile of the ViaWest Cornell data center.

“Built in a high-performance environment, the ViaWest Cornell data center is designed with the scalability, resilience, and multi-layered security required for all strategic business applications and critical data,” said Travis Bowley, CEO. “Empereon-Constar’s significant investment in our new data operations center reaffirms our commitment to the highest standards necessary to deliver quality services to our clients.”

“The ViaWest Cornell data center provides Empereon-Constar and our clients a high-performance 24/7/365 data center with multiple redundant power distribution paths and 2(N+1) redundancy,” stated Bryan McRoberts, Chief Information Systems Officer. “These technological enhancements will allow Empereon-Constar to pass along significant improvements in service to our clients.”

Additionally, the entire Empereon-Constar IT department relocated to a 10,000-square-foot IT Operations facility located at 3131 South Vaughn Way in Aurora, Colorado. The new office features an open workspace for greater collaboration among team members and provides a dedicated workroom where the IT team can perform the software/hardware work necessary to support the Empereon-Constar enterprise computer systems. There is also a structured staging area for setup and deployment along with a conference room specifically designed to accommodate strategy and development discussions.

“In designing the new center, significant consideration was also given to facilitating collaboration and data center infrastructure management,” stated Gary Dickerson, VP, Information Security. “All of which will enable Empereon-Constar to better serve the growing demand for services from existing and new clients.”


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