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Empereon-Constar Senior Vice President of Operations Don Christiano holds a proclamation from the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce while CEO Travis Bowley cuts a ribbon celebrating the 15th anniversary of the company’s Las Cruces location.

Empereon-Constar celebrates anniversary, growth

Call center Empereon-Constar celebrated the 15th anniversary of the company’s Las Cruces location Tuesday, July 21. After 15 years, Empereon-Constar is far from stagnant – as part of the anniversary celebrations, the company was holding a job fair to expand its employee base.

“In our business, the better you do, the more work you get, you can’t go out and create your own work unless you are successful. Luckily, we are in period of great success and our companies are asking us to expand our business lines”, said Senior Vice President of Operations Don Christiano.

At the job fair, Empereon-Constar CEO Travis Bowley said he anticipated hiring 100 new employees that day. The increase in hiring, he said, was due to company growth.

“I do have a client that is asking us to grow by a hundred, and I have chosen Las Cruces as long as I can get the hundred people here, this is the center I want to put the people. This town has been absolutely nothing short of fantastic for us. It’s just the camaraderie I feel in this town", Bowley said.

In addition to the Las Cruces location, Empereon has locations in Arizona, Colorado and Pennsylvania. However, Bowley and Christiano both speak highly of the low turnover and frequency of internal promotion in the Las Cruces location.

“What we look at in this company is will,” Bowley said. “If you have the will to work we will teach you the skill. … And that’s why we love Las Cruces. Because the work ethic, that is a direct correlation to our turnover. “I’m very proud of the culture we built and the career pathing that we’ve done. You can go to work in corporate America and you can wait ten years to get a promotion. Whereas here, you come in here and do your job and do it well, you can get a promotion after a year. That’s the difference.”

Bowley said two of the company’s vice presidents started by working on the phones in the Las Cruces location. “As we grow, we like to promote from within,” he said. After 15 successful years in Las Cruces, Empereon is anticipating continuing to expand in the future, and looking for ways to ensure that its career path model can grow with the expansion. “The future, for us, looks like developing a business model that is more scalable for us – where we can still develop talent from the bottom level and expand our growth,” Christiano said. “Our clients are asking us to grow… we’ve got to make sure we are creating a bottom level with more depth than it had four years ago.”

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