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Empereon-Constar Expands Services To Cross-Border E-Commerce Outsourcing Solutions

Phoenix, Arizona (May 5, 2015)Empereon-Constar, a leading provider of comprehensive contact center, back office, and accounts receivables solutions, today announced its expansion into cross-border e-commerce outsourcing services.

“We constantly strive to develop new services to meet the complex and rapidly changing needs of our clients,” stated Travis Bowley, CEO. "Our cross-border e-commerce outsourcing services allow Empereon-Constar to support our clients’ customers within their global markets."  

Empereon-Constar’s cross-border e-commerce outsourcing services will provide value and ease of use at every customer touchpoint.  Through this service application, Empereon-Constar’s goal is to help our clients by offering a seamless, cost effective method of reaching their customers.

"Empereon-Constar continues significant expansion organically by adding new industry verticals for our global partners, cross border e-commerce, online retail, internet and telecommunications business sectors," commented Yvonne Torrijos, Chief Marketing Officer.  “Empereon-Constar continues expansion with a US base and a global footprint.”

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