End Of Term Lease

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Specialized EOT Division

Integrating your customer retention focus and policies into a highly effective, personalized customer experience. Our specialized EOT Division offers a well-established operational expertise to consistently deliver top tier quality, compliant and performance driven results.

  • Top Tier Performance Leadership (2012 – present)
  • Vendor Network Captive Top Performance Winner 2017
  • Average Collector Tenure 7+ years in EOT
  • Average Client Tenure 8+ years
  • Constar client partner base includes 5 significant captive financiers and consumer auto financiers across the U.S.
Steps to Take Decisions to Make

Steps to Take Decisions to Make

As consumers head into the final 90 days of their lease, they have specific steps to take and important decisions to make.

Smooth Transition

Smooth Transition

Ensuring a smooth transition as the end of lease nears is critical whether consumers decide to turn in their vehicle, lease again, or purchase.

Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassadors

Our EOT agents guide your customers through the end of lease process. Our highly qualified agents are your “Brand Ambassadors” - their professional expertise and kid-glove approach ensures protection of your brand image fostering long-term customer loyalty.


  • Contract Lease Terms Education
  • Expert Dispute Management
  • Wear and Tear Review
  • Property Tax Education
  • Disposition Fee Review
  • Excess Mileage Management
  • Account Payment Review; Missing Payments
  • New Lease Transition
  • Thank You for Your Loyalty

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