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Even if a customer defaults on their loan agreement and a secured creditor repossesses the vehicle, the customer might still be able to get the car back. There are two possible ways for customers to do this, redemption or reinstatement and in a competitive marketplace, customer experience is key to success. With over 15 years of experience, Empereon-Constar knows how to professionally negotiate practical solutions with irate customers. We educate customers by explaining company policy, ensuring they understand the complete process, and helping them determine their current options and potential solutions.

Empereon-Constar helps facilitate reinstatements and redemptions with care and expediency, always with an eye on customer satisfaction, which helps our clients retain their customer base.

Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive R&R (Redemption and Reinstatement) services for consumer auto finance lenders, auto captives lenders, banks, credit unions and other consumer auto financial institutions.

Professional Negotiations

Professional Negotiations

Our customer service oriented representatives skillfully conduct professional negotiations in tense situations. They educate consumers about their options and understand the expectations and priorities of all parties involved.

Compliance Focused

Compliance Focused

Laws and regulations on repossessions vary from state-to-state and sometimes from locality to locality. Our representatives are compliance focused and fully trained in state specific processes.

Services We Offer

Our professional representatives understand the expectations and priorities of all parties involved and assist customers by:

  • Providing Accurate Quotes
  • Verification of Payments
  • Sending information to the tow yards, whether it is Personal Property Release or Vehicle Release
  • Verifying location of the vehicle
  • Updating customer information within the system
  • Verifying that we have all the necessary documentation to release the vehicle depending on the Contract State

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