Student Loan

Customer-centric Consultative Approach

Consistent Recoveries

Professional, respectful agents take a borrower friendly approach and have an established expertise managing loan rehabilitation, loan consolidation, administrative wage garnishment, and bankruptcy reaffirmations and other programs.

Empereon-Constar educates borrowers about their rights, responsibilities, and repayment schedules for their loan agreements. We work with student loan borrowers to resolve loan disputes and problems.

Our goal is to facilitate and provide creative solutions for borrowers needing assistance with all types of student loans and other campus based debt.

Consultative Approach

Consultative Approach

We provide quality account management services and our customer-centric consultative approach helps maintain and preserve the relationships to students, parents, and alumni. Our professional agents proactively assist in resolving outstanding loan balances and provide education regarding the student loan process and options.

Extensive Experience

Extensive Experience

Key members of our management team have extensive experience collecting student loans for private lending, credit based, and guaranteed student loan programs. We partner with our clients to achieve their goals.

Achieve Business Goals

Empereon-Constar is a leading business process outsourcing company providing end-to-end customer engagement and customer management solutions for New Sales Account Generation, Customer Care, Risk and Fraud Operations, Collections Operations, QA Agent Call Monitoring, Back Office Administration Support, and Tech Support across the entire customer account lifecycle.

Our customized solutions, real-time analytics, and global footprint help our clients achieve their business goals.

Established Expertise

  • FFEL and FDSL Loans
  • Stafford Loans: subsidized and unsubsidized
  • Perkins Loans
  • PLUS Loans
  • Private Education Loans
  • Health Professions Student Loans
  • Campus Based Debt: Housing Accounts, NSF Fees, Parking Fines
  • Other Solutions: Default Aversion, Cohort Default Rate Management, Business Office Solutions
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