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Improve Retention. Increase Revenue. Reduce Churn.

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Customer engagement solutions to win back customers and regain customer trust. Customer retention is a critical component of a thriving business. With rising customer acquisition costs, businesses that increase customer retention effectively increase profits. Our highly skilled agents engage customers by asking probing questions to understand customer issues. Then motivate customers to stay by providing appropriate solutions, which directly impacts our clients’ bottom line.

Focusing on the customer experience increases customer satisfaction, improves retention, and, ultimately, increases revenue.

Multi-Channel Support

Multi-Channel Support

Our comprehensive multi-channel solutions improve customer care by providing quality service through any medium. Allowing customers to engage on their preferred channel increases customer satisfaction.   

Improve Customer Retention

Improve Customer Retention

Our tailored customer engagement solutions build customer relationships, improve retention, and lead to increased revenue.

Enhance Customer Experience

Enhance Customer Experience

Skilled agents listen to customers’ needs, deliver outstanding support, improve first contact resolution rates, and enhance a quality customer experience.

Achieve Business Goals

Empereon-Constar is a leading business process outsourcing company providing end-to-end customer engagement and customer management solutions for New Sales Account Generation, Customer Care, Risk and Fraud Operations, Collections Operations, QA Agent Call Monitoring, Back Office Administration Support, and Tech Support across the entire customer account lifecycle.

Our customized solutions, real-time analytics, and global footprint help our clients achieve their business goals.


Empereon-Constar works closely with our partners to develop customer retention campaigns designed to reduce churn and increase brand loyalty:

  • Churn Mitigation
  • Increase Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Pro-Active Retention
  • Pending Disconnect
  • Mover’s Connection
  • Upselling / Cross-selling
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