Differentiate in an increasingly competitive environment

Telecom and Media

Empereon Constar can help set your brand apart, and at incredible cost efficiency

Businesses in the communications, telecom, and media industries serve massive customer bases. They need to support a myriad of ever-changing products and services and deliver communication support that require immediate attention when they are down. With over 80% of our operation working remotely, we are well positioned to support business continuity needs.

We’ve built a set of omnichannel customer service and experience solutions that foster engagement, as well as reduce operational costs. We use our proprietary SIMON AI tool to design and deliver the most efficient channel experience across every environment. The result – a frictionless customer journey that protects your brand and improves profitability.

Here's how we can help

  • Customer acquisition: telemarketing, online/direct marketing, promotions, upselling, cross-selling, new account set-up 
  • Customer maintenance: outbound reference request, information center, order-taking, account maintenance services, service helpdesk and technical support, mail management, query management 
  • Fulfillment services: billing, returns handling, complaint management, issue resolution, cancellations 
  • Service enablers: collections, finance and accounting, refunds, logistics 
  • Customer Retention: Value-added services, credit extensions, outbound customer surveys, grievance management, post-feedback actions

"Empereon Constar's growth has been propelled by expanding the company's geographic reach and offering innovative new services. Our responsiveness to client needs combined with our ability to optimize cost and efficiencies allows us to deliver consistent revenue growth and provide more jobs to our local communities"

Travis Bowley / Chief Executive Officer / Managing Partner

The Empereon Constar Impact
  • Achieved #1 Vendor position for one of the larges US Media companies, performing better than in-house teams.
  • Exceeded KPIs in all core areas for a Fortune 500 telecom company.
  • Achieved over 30% cost reduction for over half of our clients in this space.

Telecom and Media represent a substantial percentage of our experience and expertise equity. Take advantage with a strategic partnership.