You Have goals.
We do what it takes to help you reach them.

Delivering flexible outsourcing to the world's top brands.


Our team has gained a well-established reputation for exceptional client service delivery whether scaling for seasonal spikes or consistency is steady state. On over 90% of our projects we outperform the incumbent vendors.


Your business needs are a moving target, requiring a partner with a "whatever it takes" culture and the agility to pivot at a moment’s notice. Our partners come to us with their greatest contact center challenges because we solve them creatively and quickly.


Our clients stick with us because we convey an uncanny level of commitment to their goals and flexibly coupled with speed in solving their problems. And because of this, we haven't lost a single one in over 20 years of operation.

Serving startups to the Global 500

How we serve our Clients

Winsomely winning new customers
Delivering exceptional CX
Leading in the new digital workplace
Providing 24/7 access to our top leadership


Our AI driven secret sauce to operational excellence

Boosts NPS, IR, OSAT

AI Supervised Learning

Actionable BI

Real-time Quality Control

We simply outperform

We love a good benchmark test and encourage "challenge the champion" models.

We know how to motivate our agents. For each project we formulate the ideal incentive program to absolutely crush our client’s targets.

Our tiered agent strategy can dramatically improve your 3rd party collection productivity. Connect with us to learn more.

We are fanatical about achieving the #1 performing vendor slot for each of our clients. And we’re now outperforming in-house teams on some of our accounts. A competitive spirit isn’t always a good thing, but when it comes to our customer KPI’s we think it is.

Considered one of the most prestigious awards for call center management – 3 years running with our largest Telecom client. Empereon selected #1 among 27 national vendors for top performing in production, performance, employee satisfaction, quality, and voice of the customer

You show us your call volume patterns and current provider WFM strategy, and we will show you waste dramatically affecting your bottom line.

Workplace with tablet pc showing charts

Company Highlights

Empereon Constar grows 40% in 2020.
Leading the industry in successful work-at-home operations and quality standards.
Empereon-Constar LATAM launches brand new 1,000 seat nearshore operation.
With only 90 days to launch a new contact center and staff to full capacity, we not only filled the seats but were outperforming the incumbent in 60 days.
BPO firm Empereon and Collections company Constar join forces.
With the partnership of these two companies, we bring the same standard of operational excellence to the full customer life cycle.

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