Accounts Receivable Management

We understand customer relationships are at the heart of your business.

Relationship-based Approach

Professional, respectful agents take a borrower friendly approach and have an established expertise managing loan rehabilitation, loan consolidation, administrative wage garnishment, and bankruptcy reaffirmations and other programs.

We support all debt types from origin to charge off and every debt type in between in order to assist our clients in resolving delinquent debt in a firm, yet fair and friendly approach.

We offer relationship-based strategies that treat your customers with respect while improving our clients’ recovery rates in a compliant manner. As part of that strategy, we educate our clients’ customers on the options available to them, based on our clients’ guidelines

1st Party Collection

Empereon Constar offers professional accounts receivable management services through a distinct and separate collection division dedicated exclusively to pre-charge off collection solutions. 

Based on our extensive experience, our pre-charge off collection solutions improve delinquency (roll rates), ensure consistent message delivery, and increase customer satisfaction, while protecting your brand and image.

Professional Agents

Professional, multilingual agents are expertly trained and provide a positive experience for your customers while maintaining the highest standard of compliance.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Initiating collection efforts during the early delinquency stages drives faster payments and maximizes recovery rates.

Build Customer Loyalty

We maintain your brand image while ensuring a positive customer relationship. Our customer-centric approach solidifies customer loyalty and improves customer retention.

Redemption & Reinstatement

Even if a customer defaults on their loan agreement and a secured creditor repossesses the vehicle, the customer might still be able to get the car back. There are two possible ways for customers to do this, redemption or reinstatement and in a competitive marketplace, customer experience is key to success. With over 15 years of experience, Empereon Constar knows how to professionally negotiate practical solutions with irate customers. 

We educate customers by explaining company policy, ensuring they understand the complete process, and helping them determine their current options and potential solutions. Empereon Constar helps facilitate reinstatements and redemptions with care and expediency, always with an eye on customer satisfaction, which helps our clients retain their customer base.

In-Depth Product Knowledge

Based on years of experience combined with in-depth product knowledge, we deliver leading performance, innovative solutions, and quality service for every client, every customer.

Collaborative Partnership

We establish collaborative relationships with our clients to develop forward-thinking solutions designed to achieve client business goals, ensure brand loyalty and retention, optimize customer satisfaction, and enhance the customer experience.

World-Class Services

Our world-class services allow us to meet the needs of our client partners across multichannel communication platforms, provide exceptional customer experiences and deliver significant performance results, while maintaining the highest level of consumer data security and compliance.

Charge Off Recovery

Results are achieved through a combination of management expertise, extensive experience in developing highly skilled teams, and advanced technologies, which allows Empereon Constar to deliver measurable value to its clients. Our customer centric approach is designed to protect each of our clients’ brands, solidify customer loyalty and provide solutions for bad debt recovery.


We recognize that we live in a litigious world, and to that end, we strive to meet and exceed all regulatory and compliance issues when representing your receivables. We work diligently to ensure that the rights of your clients are respected while helping you get the best return on your receivables and post charge-off collections.

Loan Management

Professional, respectful agents take a borrower friendly approach and have an established expertise managing loan rehabilitation, loan consolidation, administrative wage garnishment, and bankruptcy reaffirmations and other programs.

Empereon Constar educates borrowers about their rights, responsibilities, and repayment schedules for their loan agreements. We work with student loan borrowers to resolve loan disputes and problems. Our goal is to facilitate and provide creative solutions for borrowers needing assistance with all types of student loans and other campus based debt.

Consultative Approach

We provide quality account management services and our customer-centric consultative approach helps maintain and preserve the relationships to students, parents, and alumni. Our professional agents proactively assist in resolving outstanding loan balances and provide education regarding the student loan process and options.

Extensive Experience

Key members of our management team have extensive experience collecting student loans for private lending, credit based, and guaranteed student loan programs. We partner with our clients to achieve their goals.

Reduce your cost by over 30% with our 1st Party Collection solution

Steps to Take Decisions to Make

As consumers head into the final 90 days of their lease, they have specific steps to take and important decisions to make.

Smooth Transition

Ensuring a smooth transition as the end of lease nears is critical whether consumers decide to turn in their vehicle, lease again, or purchase.

Brand Ambassadors

Our EOT agents guide your customers through the end of lease process. Our highly qualified agents are your “Brand Ambassadors” - their professional expertise and kid-glove approach ensures protection of your brand image fostering long-term customer loyalty.

Lease Division

Integrating your customer retention focus and policies into a highly effective, personalized customer experience. Our specialized EOT Division offers a well-established operational expertise to consistently deliver top tier quality, compliant and performance driven results.

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