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Our acquisition and sales services are designed to effectively acquire new customers, retain existing customers, up-sell/cross-sell current customers, or promote customer migration. Years of experience allow us to design an acquisition and sales solution that best suits your business needs. Our collaborative approach and customized solutions will enhance customer engagement, boost customer satisfaction, and increase revenue.

As your strategic business partner, we can help you deliver a personalized, multichannel customer experience that helps you acquire, retain, and grow your customer relationships. Whether your goal is to provide the best customer experience, increase sales, or reduce costs, our unique sales strategies will help you achieve your business goals and objectives.

Customer Care

We are your brand ambassadors. Our highly qualified agents engage customers in genuine conversations and build long-term relationships. Their professional expertise seamlessly represents your unique brand, ensures exceptional customer interactions, and effectively builds customer loyalty.

Consistent Recoveries

Professional, respectful agents take a borrower friendly approach and have an established expertise managing loan rehabilitation, loan consolidation, administrative wage garnishment, and bankruptcy reaffirmations and other programs.

Empereon-Constar educates borrowers about their rights, responsibilities, and repayment schedules for their loan agreements….

Back Office Admin Services

Our back office and business support services help clients optimize resources, reduce operating costs, ensure customer satisfaction, and meet regulatory compliance requirements. Flexible, cost-effective solutions are delivered by our highly-qualified agents who provide in-depth FCRA knowledge and deep experience in their field of expertise.

We Can Help

World-class support provides your company with higher levels of service, quicker response times, and effective problem resolution. Our expertly-trained tech support specialists have the expertise to troubleshoot and solve your customers’ problems quickly and effectively with the knowledge and ability to consistently deliver first contact resolutions.

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Obsessed with Results

We skillfully manage and execute sophisticated sales strategies designed to emphasize customer engagement and achieve top results. Our unique solutions and collaborative approach help our clients meet or exceed their revenue targets.

Trusted Partner

Our clients are valued partners with an average of over seven years’ tenure. Many client partnerships represent multiple projects and/or placement tiers across the consumer lifecycle. As a trusted partner, we respond quickly and effectively to changing customer requirements.

Expert Campaign Management

With over 20 years of industry-leading sales experience, our tailored solutions and highly differentiated customer experience strategies enhance customer engagement, boost customer satisfaction, and increase revenue.

Ignite sales and produce sky-high ROI with professional demand acquisition solutions.

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